Recently bought some new shelves to display all of my figures, so here are some recent photos!

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BEHOLD very horrible cellphone pictures of my beautiful nendoroids.

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Hoy es día 15 y toca especial de colecciones (asi que si quereis enviar vuestras fotos este es el dia indicado). Esta es la colección del tumblr de konachan site.


I received my first set of action figures on my birthday, though they weren’t well-detailed… they still do mean a lot to me, for they came from friends who knew i was an otaku. The action figures they gave to me were Naruto (he’s supposed to have a rasengan between his hands… but i guess it wasn’t included so i’ll go find some blue-ish marble later XD), Sasuke (non-shippuden), Gaara (Shippuden version), Shikamaru <3 (Shippuden Version), and Rock Lee (Shippuden Version)

I’m not a huge fan of Sasuke, actually i’m a hater sooo, glad he’s different from the whole set XD (meanie)

And because of this figures i’ve been very motivated to save money to buy NENDOROIDS!!!! I badly want Nendoroids ever since i saw Danny Choo’s blog about them (including awesome picturesssssssss).

I find nendoroids… UBERLY CUTE!!!! I guess i’m too drawn to them because of my love for chibi anime… i’ve been drawing nothing but chibi stuff on my notebook since this sem (which is a bit sad for i guess my drawings will only be limited to that point XD)

I love how they look stout and fat and still look soooooo kawaii!!! 

I’ve commented on a shop on facebook earlier selling nendoroids… and they were pricey!!! I guess, nothing cute comes cheap XD lol

After this blog imma try taking pictures of my first ever action figures using my crappy cellphone… i hope they come out well XD



Figure Collection Growth  - October 2011 - September 2013

If you can dream it, then you can do it

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My parents went back to Hong Kong at the start of February, so of course I had to ask them to go Nendoroid shopping again for me. Iron Man Mark 42 was my back-up choice in case they couldn’t buy the Nendoroid After Part sets; no guesses what happened there.

Nonetheless, I’m so glad I asked them to get me Iron Man. Mum managed to haggle the price down to around 400HKD (roughly £31.02), which is half of how much the Nendoroid would have costed me if I’d purchased him on the same website I got Lily from.

Out of all my Nendoroids, Iron Man’s the most fun and also very unique. He’s got flexible joints in his arms, a waist joint that you can probably tell from the pictures, and knee joints. The only detachable body parts, it seems, are his head/helmet, and legs - although on my model, the ball joint is so stiff on his right leg, I can technically speaking only detach his left leg.

The only thing I’m really gutted about is that I can’t fit Lily or Luka's heads in the helmet. I'm really intrigued to know if GSC have changed the head shape for all Nendoroids after a certain time/model. There's a u-shaped curve under Tony's chin, which means that the neck joint is now embedded in the hair and helmet parts, and not the face; and it's the opposite situation for Lily and Luka. Come to think of it, I don't think they can swap hairdos either - although I know for a fact that they fit in each others' bodies.

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She’s a lot bigger than I thought she was going to be!!

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Preciosa foto hecha por Eric de los Nendoroids Len y Rin, Append y versión normal con la expresión en blanco a customizar por el consumidor.


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Please tell me who I am!

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Kaito partied a bit too hard… #nendoroid #vocaloid #gakupo #meiko #kaito


La Nendorooid Luka Megurine con la expresión de Double lariat fotografiada por duomaxwell, con la petit Tako Luka, cuya cara se puede intercambiar con otros petits.


Hi there, Luka!


Foto de dos nendoroids Miku y una petit al fondo hecha por legokeychain.

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